The Wealthy Client Pipeline

Leveraging Thought Leadership to Build Profitable Partnerships with Attorneys and Accountants

Leveraging Thought Leadership to Build Profitable Partnerships with Attorneys and Accountants

The dramatic rise in recent years in the number of wealthy people and the amount of wealth they control has created unprecedented opportunities for you to significantly boost your assets under management—along with your personal income—provided you can attract and serve these wealthy individuals.

Our latest book, The Wealthy Client Pipeline, sets out the proven process for doing exactly that—and lays out a plan to take advantage of those golden opportunities.

We are now making The Wealthy Client Pipeline available to you at no cost. We ask only that you pay the shipping and handling fee of $7.95.

Once you place your order, your copy will be on its way. However, we don’t want you to wait even one day to read the book. That’s why you’ll instantly receive an email with a link to a digital copy of The Wealthy Client Pipeline so you can get going right away.

Why are we making such a great offer?

It’s simple. Because we have only one mission at CEG Worldwide: to help you become much, much more successful.

Real Advisors. Real Results.

Are you on a path to design the life you choose? It was two years ago when I faced reality. I was publicly successful, yet personally miserable. Quite honestly, I believed becoming a rainmaker was supposed to be the promised land. It wasn’t what I’d planned. Over the past 14 months, I’ve more than doubled my time off with family and have doubled revenue, all while serving fewer, wealthier clients exceptionally well. I’ve discovered an elite level, one where the days of my business running my life have transformed into my business blessing my life. I have total confidence that my colleagues can do this on their own. But if speed is important to them and if they want to have fun doing it quicker, I believe they can do it faster and with less effort than they ever thought possible through the coaching and collaboration of CEG.

“I cannot imagine being in this business without CEG as my partner.”

“The ideas and information will change the way you run your business, allowing you to utilize best practices to be more efficient, effective and allow more time to do the things you want.”

“I can think of no better way to take my business to the next level.”

“CEG has helped me increase AUM 11X in the last six years while serving our clients in world-class way.”

“CEG has thought of everything possible to make you a success in our field! You have to experience it to truly comprehend how all-encompassing it is.”

“If you would like to enhance the client experience, your revenue and your process, then this is a must.”

“You will be exposed to some of the best and most creative ideas—period.”

“It has the potential to double the value you add to your clients, double your income and double your time off. Truly an amazing program.”

“I recommend CEG. This group is led by one of us and will give you tools and resources
that will make your practice even better.”

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