Become The Expert the Wealthy Want

Leveraging Thought Leadership to Build Profitable Partnerships with Attorneys and Accountants

Becoming Seriously Wealthy is designed for advisors to share with clients and prospective clients who are business owners, and with centers of influence who serve business owners. Packed with the latest research and real-world case studies, it sets out the solutions being used right now by the Super Rich to achieve their most important financial goals. And it shows the reader how to identify the professionals who can deliver these solutions so that they, too, can maximize their personal wealth on the road to achieving their most important goals.

Real Advisors. Real Results.

“I cannot imagine being in this business without CEG as my partner.”

“The ideas and information will change the way you run your business, allowing you to utilize best practices to be more efficient, effective and allow more time to do the things you want.”

“I can think of no better way to take my business to the next level.”

“CEG has helped me increase AUM 11X in the last six years while serving our clients in world-class way.”

“CEG has thought of everything possible to make you a success in our field! You have to experience it to truly comprehend how all-encompassing it is.”

“If you would like to enhance the client experience, your revenue and your process, then this is a must.”

“You will be exposed to some of the best and most creative ideas—period.”

“It has the potential to double the value you add to your clients, double your income and double your time off. Truly an amazing program.”

“I recommend CEG. This group is led by one of us and will give you tools and resources
that will make your practice even better.”

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