Build a Steady Stream of Affluent Clients

Your most important result

You will have an ongoing stream of introductions to qualified affluent prospective clients from accountants and attorneys who advocate on your behalf. This will give you a quiet confidence that you will be able to continue growing your practice to whatever size you wish.

What it is

The Wealthy Client Pipeline is a six-month coaching program that will help you build profitable partnerships with centers of influence that drive new affluent clients to you and significant business opportunities to your partners.

What you get

  • Expert coaching. You will receive six months of coaching by one of CEG Worldwide’s professional coaches, delivered through monthly, 60-minute one-on-one calls with your coach. Your coaching will help you implement the pipeline-building process to achieve your specific business goals as well as help you identify and address any obstacles.
  • Full access to The Wealthy Client Pipeline web portal. This robust web site includes in-depth written and video instruction on every aspect of building successful strategic partnerships with centers of influence, along with practical tools to help you quickly implement what you learn.
  • Full membership in CEG Advantage. Our turnkey business development platform delivers a steady supply of thought leadership tools and content, along with guidance on how to implement them to build highly successful relationships with all types of centers of influence, attract new affluent clients and do more business with existing clients. Find our more about CEG Advantage.
  • Complete support for you and your team. To help ensure that you implement the process successfully, you’ll get a one-on-one launch call; monthly video conferences with John Bowen, Russ Alan Prince and the CEG Worldwide operations team; a monthly action guide and strategy blueprint; access to the private Advantage Facebook group; and more.
  • Bonus programs. You’ll get full access to The Irresistible Offer, an online program that will show you how to offer and conduct stress tests—something that will be very effective in helping you engage the clients referred to you by your centers of influence. You’ll also get The Total Client Model—a road map for building the deep relationships that guarantee client satisfaction and generate great referrals and long-term loyalty.

What it costs

The fee for The Wealthy Client Pipeline is $2,000 per month for six months or a one-time payment of $10,000.

Is it for you?

If you are motivated to build relationships with centers of influence, such as accountants and attorneys, in order to move upmarket to serve ever-wealthier clients, The Wealthy Client Pipeline may be for you.

Your next step

Sign up for our complimentary Best Year Ever Consultation. You’ll meet with CEG Worldwide experts to clarify where you are now, exactly where you want to go and the key strategies that will get you there the fastest. And you’ll find out whether The Wealthy Client Pipeline is right for you.