Spectrum of Impact

Our advanced strategies drive huge results

Firms engaging CEG Worldwide can expect to experience increased results for their financial advisors and a return on their investment that is in direct proportion to the time invested.

Keynote presentations, a beneficial tool for increasing advisor awareness and introducing core concepts, are at the lower end of the spectrum. These presentations are designed to inspire financial advisors or firm leadership (both field and corporate) to focus on the key actions they should take to elevate their businesses to the next level of success. These speeches motivate individuals to hone their behaviors, attitudes and practices to increase assets, enhance the bottom line and heighten client satisfaction. Impact can be enhanced when these presentations are combined with follow-on deliverables.

Higher on the spectrum are workshops set within existing meeting structures. We conduct these workshops on various topics as part of firms’ regular meeting structures (top advisor meetings, focused training workshops, etc.), helping firms educate, motivate and inspire their financial advisors.

Moving up the spectrum, full-day or multiday workshops conducted as stand-alone events deliver a greater impact. These intensive workshops provide financial advisors with leading-edge practice management strategies and business development tactics to help them find, convert and keep clients. Advisors leave these workshops with clearly defined breakthrough goals and a strategic action plan. Online coaching solutions are often paired with these workshops to provide structured follow-up and maximize impact.

Spectrum of Impact

Next are customized workshops conducted over a two-to-four-month period that delve deep into specific business development strategies. These typically include a live one- or two-day session followed by a multi-month online program that helps participants implement what they have learned. To meet the needs of our corporate clients, we often combine our powerful modular coaching programs, which feature multiple training modalities. Often our corporate clients will create a “brand” for the chosen coaching solution that is unique to their firm.

Breaking Through, our one-year coaching program, delivers the greatest impact to advisors and highest return on investment for firms. It uses a proprietary, multilevel content delivery and coaching methodology that enables participants to break through to a substantially higher level of success as they build simple, elegant wealth management businesses.

Our advanced strategies drive results. To help you see that potential impact firsthand, we have created return on investment calculators for our customized workshops and for Breaking Through. These calculators allow you to input the required investment and run “what if” scenarios to arrive at an ROI. For a demonstration of our ROI calculators, schedule a virtual meeting with Paul Brunswick.

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