About the CEG experience

I’m going on my third year of involvement with CEG. I started with Breaking Through, and I’m going on my second year of Roundtable, for three years’ total involvement.

The biggest thing that CEG has enabled me to do is actually serve my clients better. And that was a surprise—I wasn’t expecting that. When I started working, I thought I was a pretty good advisor and did a pretty good job. But really learning the processes that they teach has just absolutely elevated what I’m able to do for my clients.

And so I can have a bigger impact on the people I have the privilege of serving. That to me is the greatest value of CEG—being able to get out there and really make a difference and have an impact on people’s lives.

The time commitment to implement CEG Advantage

The time commitment turned out to be a lot less than what I expected—it’s very, very manageable. Maybe an hour a week. And more importantly, some of the time spent is actually spent following up with prospects who have engaged with the content. And so as far as time commitment, a little bit of effort upfront starts opening up doors to conversations with people.

So the time commitment is really minimal. Even so, I’ve been able to delegate a lot of that to my staff. And CEG Advantage actually really understands the time advisors have, and they’ve created training material for my assistant and my staff to help them help me implement it.


The LifeStone Companies

To me the greatest value of CEG is being able to get out there and really make a difference and have an impact on people’s lives.

Results from CEG Advantage

The biggest result is that it’s a conversation starter. This is really what we’re in the business of trying to do—help our clients, our prospects and our centers of influence make progress toward goals. And also discover areas where they are probably being underserved by their existing advisors.

So for me the No. 1 thing that Advantage allows me to do is have unique conversations about non-investment-related items with my clients, my prospects and my centers of influence. That really helps differentiate me as an advisor who’s looking way past the portfolio.