Your most important result

You will have a systematic, world-class client experience that is efficient, replicable and scalable—yet feels very personal to each client. This will enable you to build trusted, long-term relationships with your affluent clients—resulting in more loyal clients who provide additional assets to manage and introductions to qualified prospective clients.

What it is

The Total Client Model is a three-month self-directed online program that will help you nail the wealthy client experience—and attract new assets and affluent clients.

What you get

  • A four-part process that has been proven again and again by many of the most successful advisors in the industry. You’ll discover how to be truly client-centered, how to use holistic profiling, how to recognize key business opportunities and how to communicate your proposed solutions in ways that inspire your clients to act.
  • Full access to The Total Client Model web portal. The portal provides in-depth written instruction and dozens of videos that will guide you through every step of The Total Client Model. You will also get specific exercises and tools to help you quickly implement the process.
  • Bonus: Articulate Your Value Promise. To stand apart from your competition, you must be able to communicate why you are the best-qualified financial advisor for your market and why potential clients should choose you over all the rest. This special bonus content will guide you in doing exactly that.
  • Most important of all: The Total Client Model holds the potential to transform your practice and, consequently, the scale of your personal wealth.

What it costs

The fee for The Total Client Model is $1,000.

Is it for you?

If you want to provide a world-class client experience that wows your clients from your very first contact and guarantees their satisfaction over the long run, The Total Client Model is for you.

Your next step

Sign up for our complimentary Best Year Ever Consultation. You’ll meet with CEG Worldwide experts to clarify where you are now, exactly where you want to go and the key strategies that will get you there the fastest. And you’ll find out whether The Total Client Model is right for you.