Your Fast Track to Moving Upmarket

Cultivating the Affluent is a 6-month coaching program developed by CEG Worldwide and empowers financial advisors to elevate their practices and unlock their full potential. This program draws upon CEG Worldwide’s 20 years of experience in transforming advisors into elite industry leaders.

Your most important result

By the time you complete Cultivating the Affluent, you will have in place a systematic, scalable client experience that ensures deep client satisfaction and lasting loyalty—along with the additional assets under management and introductions to qualified prospective clients that highly satisfied clients provide.

What it is

Cultivating the Affluent is six-month coaching program for advisors. The program includes numerous workshops and other interactive events, each one focused on execution. This regular interaction with the program’s subject matter experts, your coach, some of the industry’s leading advisors and your peers in the program creates accountability and helps ensure that you remain on the fast track to the elite level.

What you get

  • Full wealth management playbook. The Cultivating the Affluent web portal provides access to a complete blueprint of an elite wealth management practice, from processes and scripts all the way down to sample meeting agendas and deliverables. All you need to do is implement.
  • Professional coaching. Your expert coach will be critical to your success in Cultivating the Affluent . They will help you keep on track and help identify, address and resolve issues of all types. In one highly focused call every month, your coach will be there to help you learn from unexpected breakdowns, to overcome barriers, to tap unexpected resources and to leverage the program to its fullest extent.
  • Implementation labs. Each month, we will conduct a 90-minute workshop that brings together your coach, CEG Worldwide subject matter experts and your fellow advisors in the program. Through discussion and exercises, you will master every strategy for moving to the elite advisor level.
  • ​Office hours. We know how valuable it is to be part of a community of your advisor peers. In fact, most advisors who have taken part in our coaching programs cite the connections they have made as one of the most helpful and enjoyable parts of their coaching experience. That’s why every month, a CEG Worldwide coach will facilitate office hours—a highly interactive one-hour session where you and your peers will share successes, brainstorm challenges and build connections.

What it costs

The fee for Cultivating the Affluent is $15,000.00 for the six month program.

Is it for you?

If you are highly motivated to be the very best and are open to refining your client experience in order to significantly grow and serve wealthier clients, Cultivating the Affluent may be for you.

Your next step

Sign up for our complimentary Best Year Ever Consultation. You’ll meet with CEG Worldwide experts to clarify where you are now, exactly where you want to go and the key strategies that will get you there the fastest. And you’ll find out whether Cultivating the Affluent is right for you.