Build a Simple and Elegant Wealth Management Business

Your most important result

You will have a simple, elegant wealth management business that serves your clients extremely well, makes you indispensable to the right affluent clients and improves the quality of life for you and your team. With this, you will have the ability to join the ranks of elite wealth managers—those earning $1 million or more in net income each year.

What it is

The Elite Wealth Manager is a 10-month coaching program that gives you the strategies and tools of the most successful advisors in our industry—along with everything you need to implement them in your practice.

What you get

  • Live sessions. Our three two-day sessions bring you together with your coach, CEG Worldwide senior principals and your elite advisor peers. Through discussion, lectures and exercises, you master every key strategy of the wealth manager framework.
  • Professional coaching. Your expert coach is with you throughout the program, helping you chart your unique road map, inspiring you to overcome obstacles and holding you accountable to help you achieve all that matters to you. You will meet with your coach monthly during one-hour one-on-one phone calls.
  • The Elite Wealth Manager web portal. This robust web site provides a library of more than 100 in-depth videos, step-by-step instructional content and dozens of downloadable tools. It will be your go-to resource throughout the program.
  • Implementation workshops. These 90 minute workshops conducted between live sessions help ensure that you are implementing effectively while delving deeper into key actions that will drive early results.
  • The Virtual Family Office Forum. This half-day virtual event for you, your key strategic partners and your top clients is designed to help those clients address their advanced planning concerns while providing you and your partners important opportunities to add significant value while driving new business.
  • Accelerating Your Alliance. This half-day virtual conference brings you together with your key centers of influence to focus on proven business development strategies that will substantially increase revenue for you and your strategic partners while providing exceptional value for your clients.
  • Interactive messaging. For an additional layer of community, you will regularly receive brief voice messages with success stories, tips and inspiration, and you will be able to quickly and easily interact with your coach and other advisors in the Roundtable community.
  • Weekly emails. Each week, you will receive a concise compendium of tips that keep you focused on the actions you should be taking.
  • Accountability partnerships. You will partner with other advisors in your class to provide and receive accountability to help track your goals, overcome barriers, identify opportunities for growth and brainstorm actions to achieve the results you want.
  • Access to CEG Worldwide principals. Each CEG Worldwide principal is a former top financial advisor or institution executive who understands the nuances and complexities of running a successful practice. Collectively, they have coached thousands of top financial advisors.
  • Full membership in CEG Advantage. Our turnkey business development platform delivers a steady supply of thought leadership tools and content, along with guidance on how to implement them to build highly successful relationships with all types of centers of influence, attract new affluent clients and do more business with current clients.

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The fee for The Elite Wealth Manager is $30,000.00 for the ten month program.

Is it for you?

If you are already successful but highly motivated to capture your full potential, provide a world-class client experience and commit to transforming your practice, The Elite Wealth Manager may be for you.

Your next step

Sign up for our complimentary Best Year Ever Consultation. You’ll meet with CEG Worldwide experts to clarify where you are now, exactly where you want to go and the key strategies that will get you there the fastest. And you’ll find out whether The Elite Wealth Manager is right for you.