Reaching the Highest Levels of Success

Your most important result

You have access to the nation’s top experts in business development and advanced planning. With this, you are able to capture significant opportunities for strategic partnerships with accountants, attorneys and other advisors to the very wealthy to move significantly upmarket and draw in substantial new assets.

What it is

The Elite Wealth Council is our invitation-only private coaching group for select wealth managers who are at or moving rapidly toward the elite level.

What you get

  • Coaching by John Bowen and Russ Alan Prince. Russ and/or John are available for monthly one-on-one phone conferences with Council members to help identify opportunities and discuss approaches for turning those opportunities into new business. When appropriate, Russ or John will also be available to meet once a month with Council members and their centers of influence to discuss high-value opportunities.
  • Two live sessions per year. Council members meet with Russ Alan Prince and John Bowen, your fellow Council members, and select professional advisors twice a year for two days in New York City. These private client group sessions are intensely focused on business development. They combine concentrated coaching on building strategic partnerships with centers of influence and working with wealthier clients.
  • Live video conferences. There are up to four live video conferences per year with John, Russ and Council members. These provide an additional setting to discuss client and center-of-influence opportunities and scenarios as well as to share successes and continue forward momentum.
  • Pre-Roundtable session meetings. John Bowen meets with the Council for three hours directly prior to the opening of each Roundtable session to share new tools and resources and lead brainstorming on current opportunities and obstacles.
  • Assistance with customization of thought leadership tools. The CEG Worldwide team assists in customizing the CEG Advantage thought leadership materials for clients, prospective clients and centers of influence. In addition, the team can help Council members configure any other technology tools needed to help establish members and centers of influence as experts.
  • Mastery of what matters most. Most important of all, members of The Elite Wealth Council are able to achieve complete mastery of the mechanisms and tools that will build a pipeline of wealthy clients and get the results they want.

What it costs

The annual fee for The Elite Wealth Council is $60,000, payable in four quarterly payments of $15,000 each. This fee includes membership in Roundtable and CEG Advantage.

Is it for you?

If you are a member of Roundtable and are motivated to move even further upmarket by serving wealthier clients at an even higher level, The Elite Wealth Council is for you.

Your next step

Have a conversation with CEG Worldwide’s CEO, John Bowen. Together, you will determine whether The Elite Wealth Council is right for helping you achieve your most significant goals. To schedule a call with John, contact his executive assistant, Staci Allen, at or (866) 824-6741.