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Want To Manage More Assets? GET PERSONAL! – Episode 5

Key Takeaways:

  • Your personal story creates a deep level of interest in you and makes the listener want to associate with you further.
  • To find your story, think about who has influenced you, the life events that have moved you most and the biggest hurdles along your path.
  • Perfect your story by telling it to ten people and refining it as needed.

You might be surprised to learn that you possess one of the most powerful tools for making new connections and attracting affluent prospective clients to your financial advisory business—and chances are, you’ve never used it or even noticed it.

That tool is your personal story—a key part of your overall value promise to affluent clients and prospective clients who want help making smart decisions about their wealth.

Here’s how to leverage who you are and what you’re all about—as a person and as a financial advisor—to create huge opportunities for your advisory business.

Creating an emotional connection

When you share a story about yourself that gives the person listening to you a picture of who you are and the values you stand for, you quickly create a deep level of interest and make the listener want to associate with you further. In short, you lay the groundwork for a long-term relationship.

This happens because prospects today want an experience at least as much as they want your financial products and services. They want to be wowed. That means skipping the usual introductory speech about long-term returns and investing beliefs and replacing it with a story that helps them see who you are as a person and what you are all about.

You see, clients—including the affluent and “sophisticated” ones—frequently base a decision to acquire new financial services or engage a new financial advisor on emotion. They then justify their decisions with logic. So your offer must be perfectly logical, but you must also make an emotional connection so that they like you and want to work with you. Sharing your story will be your avenue for doing so.

Writing your story

Many financial advisors believe that they do not have a story worth telling or that would interest others. Wrong! The fact is, everyone has a story that others will find intriguing. To get at yours, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who influenced my belief systems? Which people in my life have I gravitated toward? Moved away from? Or even pushed against? What was it that you saw or experienced in those relationships and how did that influence your future actions?
  • Which life events moved me the most? These can be personal experiences, such as the birth or death of a family member or external events like a natural disaster. How did these experiences impact your view of the world and shape you as a person and as a financial advisor?
  • What have been my valleys? The best stories aren’t simply about a person’s victories and easy wins. They also include hurdles, failures and struggles—and how you overcame them. Those aspects will help people connect to you and see you as more human and relatable.

After you spend some time on these questions, write the story of how and why you became a financial advisor. Focus on who you are as a person, where those characteristics come from, and why those characteristics led you to the financial advisory business.

Next, go deeper. What is it about your story that really shows the core of who you are? Now write your story again and try to capture that intensity.

Hone and refine

At this point you’ll have an initial version of your personal story. Over the next two weeks, pledge to tell your story as is to ten different people whom you trust and whose opinions you value.

Note their responses and reactions. At what points in your story do you find yourself most enthusiastic—and/or least engaged? What parts or details really connect with your listeners—when do they lean in or seem most excited and want more details? At what points do they lose interest or interrupt you?

Make sure to use what you’ve learned from your listeners. For example, delete details that left them feeling flat or that bogged down the momentum and impact. And flesh out sections that they really enjoyed. These adjustments will improve your story with each telling.

Once you feel you have honed and refined your story adequately, you can use it as part of your strategy of positioning yourself as an expert in your niche, as well as to make a personal connection with prospects, clients, team members, strategic partners and anyone else who is important to your success.

When you do, remember to convey the emotion and feelings behind it. In short, put yourself out there. Don’t come across as closed or guarded. People these days want to connect to others’ humanity. When you open up in this way about what is important to you, your listeners become much more inclined to trust you with what is important to them. Your story makes you real and believable to them.

More connection = more assets

The upshot: If you really want to grab a prospective client’s attention, share a powerful story about yourself.

The more personal a story you tell, the more connected you and the prospective client will be. The more connectedness you build, the more business you’ll build, too.

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