Richard E. Boone is a seasoned professional in the financial services sector, boasting over thirty years of experience in revitalizing financial advisory businesses. His journey began at a prominent independent brokerage firm during his studies at San Jose State University, where he successfully led the firm to manage assets exceeding $1.5 billion.

Subsequently, Richard became a part of CEG Worldwide, a renowned coaching and consulting firm. Here, he refined his skills in recognizing and addressing the needs of financial advisors. He played an instrumental role in guiding numerous advisors towards suitable training and coaching programs, thereby empowering them to lead lives of profound significance.

Driven by his entrepreneurial instincts, Richard later founded his own firm, providing cutting-edge online tools for business planning and development.

In his current role, Richard leverages his extensive consultancy experience to further enhance the professional lives of financial advisors. His steadfast dedication to promoting client-focused, efficient advisory practices resonates perfectly with the CEG Worldwide mission, reflecting the commitment to nurturing lives of significance for advisors.