Mitch Slomiak brings more than 25 years of senior financial experience to the CEG Worldwide team, with a unique blend of business planning and strategy, senior financial operations expertise, and merger-and-acquisition work.

Since 1997, Slomiak has served as a CFO-level consultant to a variety of companies and collaborated on several merger-and-acquisition transactions. From 2001 to 2004, he worked as a consulting partner for merger-and-acquisition deals with Woodside Capital Partners (originally known as Stone Karan Capital).

Before that, Slomiak spent five years as CFO of travel book publisher Foghorn Press and six years as CFO of regional computer sales and service provider Abacus. At Foghorn, he raised capital and debt to finance the company’s growth and prepared the business model that led to Foghorn’s acquisition in 2000 by Avalon Travel Publishing. At Abacus, Mitch funded and helped preside over the company’s expansion from $1 million to $35 million in revenue and the establishment of eight operating divisions.

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