Gain confidence, clarity and insider insight for becoming the ‘top-of-mind’ advisor for CPAs, attorneys and other select professionals.

What Will You Learn from This Online Master Class?

Save your seat at our upcoming Master Class hosted by CEG Worldwide CEO and Founder John Bowen. In this can’t-miss online training, you will:

  • Understand the power of building strategic alliances with CPAs, attorneys and other professionals … and how you can have them introduce you to five of their best affluent clients.
  • Discover how to build profitable strategic partnerships with other professionals in mutually beneficial capacities that create tremendous long-term value.
  • Translate potential strategic partnerships into a full pipeline of qualified affluent prospective clients.
  • Start leveraging thought leadership to grow your reputation as the go-to advisor for professionals serving the wealthy.

We know how valuable your time is, which is why we’re sharing this incredible training with your schedule and interest in mind. Space is expected to fill up fast, so save your spot while seats are still available.

Who Will Benefit from This Training?

  • If you want to move upmarket to even wealthier clients and increase your AUM, this Master Class is for you.
  • If you’re working with clients with $500,000 of investable assets and you want to work with clients with $5 million, we’ll show you how.
  • If you’re working with clients with $5 million of investable assets and you want to go to clients with $10 million, this is the way.

This is your opportunity to discover the collective wisdom and momentum of industry leaders who know what the right strategic partnership can generate for any advisor.


This can’t-miss online Master Class is guaranteed to give you a world-class solution for attracting the best affluent clients from CPAs, attorneys and other professionals.

Meet Your Hosts

John Bowen, CEO and founder of CEG Worldwide, is no stranger to raising AUM. His strategic partnership with Russ Alan Prince is solely responsible for raising billions in AUM from wealthy clients. His influence as a mentor and thought leader for countless financial advisors positions him as the trusted voice on the power of strategic partnerships.

This 60-minute free online Master Class is the by-product of CEG Worldwide’s ongoing commitment to optimizing strategic partnerships around the world. CEG Worldwide invested millions of dollars and over 50,000 hours crafting and refining our process into a turnkey solution that will create instant impact for your business.

Russ Prince is one of the leading authorities in the private wealth industry. He regularly consults with the Super Rich, family offices and select professionals. Russ is executive director of Private Wealth magazine, is executive director of the Family Office Association Institute and writes the Serious Money column on He has authored or co-authored more than 50 books, including The High-Functioning Single-Family Office: A Primer for Family Members and Senior Management.

You will gain a significant advantage over your competition by investing your time and focus in this valuable training.