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Date: March 30, 2017
Time: 11:00 a.m. PT, 2:00 p.m. ET

Imagine you were uniquely positioned to attract and serve the lucrative market of well-connected, successful business owners. How would your ability to exceed your revenue and AUM goals change?

To succeed with entrepreneurs, you’ll need:

  • An alignment of your vision with theirs. You need to know what they’re looking for so your marketing efforts consistently attract a steady stream of successful business owners’ clients.
  • A proven plan to position yourself as the kind of advisor they need—so you can move upmarket fast and profitably.
  • A way to make sure you deliver the right experience they want, while also providing what they need—beyond simply investing—so they become even wealthier.
  • A path to position yourself as the go-to advisor—while your competitors stagnate.

You could do it all on your own. Or you could save yourself the time and make this vision real for you and your team by attending my newest complimentary Master Class.

Register now for the Move Upmarket by Attracting and Serving Successful Business Owners Master Class.

When you attend this no-cost advanced master class, you’ll discover:

  • The simple steps you need to streamline your business development process. These steps will help you generate a steady stream of prequalified, pre-endorsed successful business owners.
  • How to laser-focus on whom you should serve and how best to differentiate yourself so you are unique. This process will have you standing out from the crowd of robo-advisors and generic advisors, becoming the go-to advisor in your community.
  • How to structure your business so that you’re doing less work for more reward. In fact, your successful business clients will value you substantially if you choose the right business model, which will accelerate your success even more.
  • How to tap into the secret to creating deep client loyalty with successful business owners. You’ll not only attract a consistent flow of clients, but they will stick around too. They’ll see you as the go-to trusted expert in your marketplace. And even better, they’ll introduce you to their successful peers.
  • The technical support partners you need to best serve business owners. And you’ll discover the four professional advisors you must have in your network in order to excel with successful business owner clients.
  • The seven characteristics of financial advisor business models. And by knowing the benefits and drawbacks of each of the five models, you’ll make the best choice for your firm and your clients. (Get this wrong and you could waste months of effort.)
  • And much more...

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Because space for Move Upmarket is limited, you should register now. Once the available spots are gone, that’s it. You may have to wait months to get access to the valuable business-building secrets we’re sharing with the proactive advisors who secure their seats.

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John Bowen
Founder and CEO
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