OCTOBER 19 AT 1:30 P.M. ET/10:30 A.M. PT

Become the Expert the Wealthy Want

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October 19 at 1:30 p.m. ET/10:30 a.m. PT

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If you are ready …

… To attract a steady stream of the right wealthy clients and serve them well, while having more time for yourself …

… To make even more money without greater demands on you ...

… To move up market to source wealthier clients—no matter how affluent your client base is today …

… For a proven $250 billion turnkey business development process where you become the expert the wealthy want—regardless of how long you've been in business …

You are ready for Become the Expert the Wealthy Want—our all-new Advanced Master Class.

Thursday, October 19 @ 10:30 AM PT/1:30 PM ET

Are you working with clients with $500,000 of investable assets but want to work with clients with $5 million? You need this Master Class.

Are you working with clients with $5 million but want to go to clients with $10 million? You need this Master Class.

Over decades of collaboration, Russ Alan Prince and I have built very effective turnkey thought leadership campaigns for our financial advisor clients. We’ve helped them raise more than $250 billion by making it easy to implement campaigns that work.

Now we’re sharing what works with you.

In less than 60 minutes, you’ll discover the strategies and tools you can put to work immediately to take your business to levels you’ve only dreamed of before.

Discover how becoming a thought leader to the affluent will help you …

  • Attract even more wealthy clients who want to work with you
  • Profitably provide additional financial services and products
  • Effectively and powerfully differentiate you from all your competitors
  • Achieve a steady stream of new affluent clients from centers of influence
  • Increase the probability that meaningful new business opportunities will come your way

And that’s not all …

When you attend Become the Expert the Wealthy Want, you’ll receive our latest ebook, absolutely free. In the Line of Money gives you the proven strategies you need to get on track for attracting and serving wealthy business owners.

You see, there are abundant opportunities today to work with successful business owners. They need help to maximize their wealth outside of their businesses, yet are often underserved by their financial professionals. But to attract and then serve these successful entrepreneurs, you must deliberately put yourself on a defined path to greater success.

In the Line of Money sets you on that fast track to success. And it’s yours, free, simply by attending Become the Expert the Wealthy Want.

Here’s the bottom line:

Do you truly want to become the expert to the wealthy—and acquire new affluent clients and assets as a result?

If so, then do whatever it takes to attend our Master Class, Become the Expert the Wealthy Want: Acquire New Affluent Clients and Assets with Thought Leadership.

Just fill out the form to register now. We’ll see you on October 19.

Best of success,

John Bowen
Founder and CEO
CEG Worldwide