Imagine this: You are standing in front of a group of entrepreneurs, every one of whom owns a business valued in excess of $10 million and is highly qualified to be your client. For the next 60 minutes, you have their undivided attention as you share how they can be even more successful. If you think that could open up some doors for you, you're right.

We all know that affluent business owners can be excellent clients‹they very often have significant personal wealth outside of their businesses and need help in managing it‹but the challenge is getting access to these busy individuals. The answer is to meet them on their own turf, when they are actively looking for new ideas and solutions.

Opening the Most Important Doors will show you exactly how to get this access. By offering them a value they can't get anywhere else, you'll be a welcome guest at the mastermind and CEO groups that serve today's most successful business owners.

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