Your Personal Story: The Key to Connecting with Affluent Clients

By John J. Bowen Jr., Founder and CEO, CEG Worldwide

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Archived Issues of The CEG Advisor Edge

Read This BEFORE You Partner With a CPA!

Struggling to form strategic alliances with CPAs—or just don’t know where to start? Check out how elite financial advisors prove to CPAs that an alliance is a winning proposition for their clients and them.

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Buy! Sell! Learn the ABCs of M&A

Don’t wait to start creating an M&A strategy until you absolutely need one. Get the ball rolling now—even if you are years away from an exit—to maximize your wealth when the time comes.

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Tap the Power of Influencers

To serve a niche market exceptionally well, talk to the “movers and shakers” in that niche. They’ll give you the insights you need to win new clients and achieve amazing results.

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Wanna Earn? You Gotta Learn!

Here’s how to turn your advisory firm into a learning organization that keeps you and your team at the top of your game—no matter what new changes and challenges come your way.

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How’s Your Website Treating You?

Imagine your website helping you to attract at least one new affluent client each and every month. What would that mean to your business—and to your overall quality of life?

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The 3-Part Recipe for More Success

What could you do with an extra $600,000 a year? Would you like to find out? Unless you’re one of the 1800 or so billionaires out there, I’d guess the answer is a resounding “YES!”

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15 Seconds That Can Change Your Future

When you’re asked what you do, the next 15 seconds can change your future. Your immediate response can help attract a new prospective client to you like a magnet—or it can land with a thud and do nothing for your business.

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Want More Referrals? Stop Asking!

Ever wonder why your satisfied clients aren’t sending their friends, family and business associates your way in droves? You’re not alone. Generating new business through referrals is a perennial challenge for financial advisors.

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