Valerie Chaney

Valerie Chaney

Elite Advisor Coach

Recognizing that the cornerstone to successful coaching is personalized service, Valerie Chaney has committed herself to professionalism and the cooperative development of unique coaching strategies. These strategies motivate and drive maximum uptake in small and large business models.

An excellent leader, influential communicator and exceptional coach, Chaney has a proven history of expertise in developing meaningful training programs and utilizing relationship marketing with senior-level executives of world-class organizations.

With a decade of proven results in the financial, sales and coaching industries, Chaney joined the CEG Worldwide coaching team. Her journey in the financial industry began at a Fortune 500 company where she was an advisor and began to build her business. She was asked by senior leaders to assume an advisor coaching position where she garnered results that exceeded expectations. She quickly advanced to the role of senior regional sales director, where most recently she led her region to the top overall sales ranking for three consecutive years. Her team also led the nation in gross revenue, new client acquisition and year-over-year advisor growth. The consistency of her results won Chaney the 2012 Leader of the Year award.

Chaney's keen ability to identify the obstacles that impede success has enabled her to coach thousands of advisors to achieve exponential growth in their businesses. She has strong business acumen and her skill set extends beyond the coaching platform to message planning, strategic alliance formation, behavioral targeting, segmentation and niche marketing, and leadership development. She is a prolific speaker on personal growth and travels nationally presenting at leadership and development conferences and forums.

Chaney holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She received her Coach Certification in 2009 from Erickson College in Vancouver, Canada. She is currently enrolled in the ICF Professional Coach Certification program and anticipates receiving the ICF Master Coach accreditation in December 2013.

Additionally, Chaney has more than 20 years of service and experience in the nonprofit sector, holding positions on advisory and directors' boards for several organizations along the East Coast. She continues to be a nationally sought after speaker in the nonprofit arena.