Heather O’Donnell

Technology Services

Web and Desktop Support and Development

Our technology support, design and development team brings more than 20 years of experience to CEG Worldwide. James and Heather O’Donnell are owners of Iacano Tech and Design, a web development and design firm based in Portland, Maine. Iacano has a proven track record of providing the highest level of tech support to their clients.

Their unique skill set and years of experience provide CEG a wide array of services, including web design and development, marketing automation, hardware support and recommendations, graphic design, video post-production, SAAS support and top-noth end-user training.

The combination of experience and ingenuity they make available enhances our ability to serve the growing and rapidly changing needs of the technology industry. From handheld device support to Windows/Linux hosting to vendor relations and research Iacano offers the kind of customized support that helps propel CEG to new levels of success.