Jon Stone

Daryl Thompson


Daryl Thompson is a national award-winning copywriter with more than 37 years of experience in the corporate workplace, including 15 years with a Houston billionaire money manager. He has worked the last 14 years exclusively in the marketing and copywriting arena.

In addition to CEG Worldwide, Thompson’s client list includes many financial marketing and publishing giants, including the $600 million Agora Publishing Group, Weiss Research, Angel Publishing, Angel Investor’s Network, InsurMark, Options University, Business Financial Publishing and Rising Star Stocks, Candlestick Forum, TradeThirsty. He also works with several other internet marketing experts, financial advisors and educators (including Harry S. Dent and Doug Casey), alternative health companies, green energy firms, real estate investing companies, ecommerce and two agencies: The Darwin Agency and the Financial Marketers and Publishers Group.