Andrea Groomes

Andrea Groomes

Elite Advisor Coach

Andrea “Andi” Groomes’ keen insight, coupled with her creative problem-solving skills, provides advisors with the strong support needed to serve their affluent clientele and grow their businesses beyond traditional limits.

Groomes has a successful track record as a leader of award-winning teams, including more than 20 years in corporate coaching and leadership roles at CIGNA HealthCare. While at CIGNA, she served as a sales vice president of a regional sales team and was focused on the building and development of collaborative teams. During her tenure, she supported successful growth from 15 to 32 associates, while revenue grew from $250 million to $640 million over a ten-year period.

Known for her strong communication skills, Groomes has also facilitated and delivered high-impact communications coaching for executives and sales and service staff in the health care and banking industries. Her academic background includes a BS in finance from Montclair State University, with professional development at the University of Hartford, the Darden School at the University of Virginia and the Co-Active Coaching Program at the Coaches Training Institute.