Forge Powerful Strategic Alliances

Jump to the next level by crafting alliances with select professional advisors

Strategic alliances enable you to rapidly grow your practice by providing ready access to new affluent prospective clients of CPAs, attorneys, insurance specialists and other professionals. In fact, we know of simply no better way to take your business to a significantly higher level in a relatively short period of time. These best practices will get you started building your own successful strategic alliances as you collectively serve your mutual clients well.


  • Four Expert Tips for Working with Expert Teams

    Grow your business, enhance your value proposition and deliver world-class client service by working with a team of professionals who already have the expertise that your clients need. Here’s how.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Getting the Most from Strategic Alliances

    Creating strategic alliances with other professionals is a huge driver of growth for many top financial advisors—but it can be a difficult challenge. Discover how “economic glue” can seal those connections.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Work with Great Institutional Partners

    Here’s how to tell if an institutional partner has the right support to achieve success and join the ranks of elite financial advisors.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Are You Being Served?

    Implementing true wealth management ensures successful transitions. Work with firms that offer support in turning an elite wealth management firm into a reality.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Six Steps to Strategic Alliances with CPAs - Part One

    Strategic alliances with CPAs are a great way to build your business. Here’s how to go out and create successful, rock-solid and long-term alliances with CPAs who can help you take your practice to the next level.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Six More Steps to Building Strategic Alliances with CPAs - Part Two

    To create lasting, successful partnerships with CPAs, financial advisors need a systematic, repeatable process, a proven approach that will ensure rock-solid alliances. Here are the final six steps.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Building Alliances with Attorneys

    Alliances with attorneys are powerful sources of business growth, especially when their expertise enhances your wealth management model.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Considerations When Seeking Referrals from Accountants

    Thanks to the nature and volume of their relationships with clients, accountants are among the best referral sources. Advisors who educate themselves can access this lucrative market.

    By Steven J. Insel

  • Why You Need Strategic Alliances

    CPAs, attorneys and other professionals can help you take your practice to the next level.

    By John Bowen

  • Laywer Up

    Discover the advantage of the private client lawyer when building professional alliances. No other type of lawyer comes close to the private client lawyer in terms of working with a steady stream of affluent clients.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • What CPAs Want

    When CPAs sees that you are aligned with their way of working with clients, you’ll maximize your chances of forming profitable alliances

    By John Bowen

  • Culture Clash

    CPAs are ideal partners for advisors who use a consultative wealth management approach with their clients, but financial advisors have to understand what CPAs really need and want to be successful.

    By John Bowen

  • Reaching Out Now

    In today’s challenging times, professional relationships are more important than ever

    By John Bowen


Strategic Alliances: The Fast Track

Strategic alliances are one of the best possible ways to put your practice on the fast track.

A Tack Worth Taking

Discover how to forge successful relationships with these key groups.

Relationship Marketing

Build relationships with your clients and provide experiences that set you apart.

Generate Referrals From Other Professional Advisors

Pre-endorsed client referrals from other professionals is the dream of every advisor.

The Economic Opportunity with Strategic Alliances

Uncover the huge advantages of using collaborative strategic alliances.

Strategic Alliances with Professionals

Fifty-four percent of the affluent find financial advisors through such contacts.

Building Successful Relationships

The most powerful methodologies you can use to attract affluent clients.