Maximize Practice Value

Build the equity that will fund your dreams

When you have key processes in place, you can serve your clients very well while building substantial equity in your business. This will enable you to generate wealth that will fund your dreams for the rest of your life. These best practices will guide you whether your focus is to maximize cash flow or to convert your cash to equity through a transfer of assets to a third-party or a practice handoff to other team members.


  • The Six Things Elite Financial Advisors Do Differently

    The top financial advisors possess a level of focused action and a willingness to change that help them catapult their businesses to new heights.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • Are You Building Real, Transferable Value?

    A sustainable business that has the equity you need to realize your own personal life goals is well within your reach.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • Getting Real Value from Value-Added Marketing

    The content you get from value-added marketing programs must be compelling for it to have a big impact on your business.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • Feeling Time Crunched? Time to Outsource!

    Elite financial advisors are increasingly outsourcing non-core functions to become more productive and focus on key growth drivers.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • Building a World-Class Value-Added Marketing Program

    Financial institutions must provide the advisors they serve with real value—strategies that will help advisors achieve significantly greater success.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • What Advisors Want from Financial Institutions

    Our research shows you the key types of support that advisors must receive to win new business, retain clients and grow their practices.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • The Three Best Practices of Client-Focused Advisors

    The move toward more client-focused business models in our industry is shifting into high gear. Here’s what you can learn from the top client-centric advisors.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • From Vision to Reality

    Take time now to create a vision of the future for yourself, then work to realize that vision every day by using a personal mission statement.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • Check Out These Up-and-Coming Advisors

    A select group of young financial advisors is racking up big wins in the industry—proving that you don’t need to be a seasoned vet to achieve huge success. Here’s what you need to know about these Quick Starters.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • The Vision Thing

    Here’s a look at how one elite financial advisor tapped the power of vision to reimagine his career and achieve huge success.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • A Knack for Numbers

    Tap the talent of three key roles: a CFO, a controller and a CPA. Here’s how to find the right financial folks for the job.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • Get Your Financial House in Order

    Here’s how you can get your own financial house in order by documenting a system that will enable you to build a great business.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • The Coaching Mindset

    A coaching program can help you take your business to the next level and enjoy huge success. However, coaching isn’t for everyone.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • The Power of Coaching

    Coaching is applied where traditional training leaves off by teaching financial advisors their goals and to help ensure they follow through.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • Eight Steps to a Hugely Successful Acquisition

    Benchmark your business and see how you compare to some of the industry’s most elite financial advisors who are making the right moves.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • Growth Alternatives

    More advisors are pursuing acquisitions, mergers and partnerships to ramp up their growth. Should you join them?

    By Jonathan Powell
  • The Streamlined Business Plan

    Create a business plan that’s lean, mean and effective. Here are 5 key areas to focus on.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • Get Ready for Your Golden Years

    The value you ultimately get for your practice or book of business will depend in large part on the moves you make today.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • More Great Ways to Build Equity

    The factors that drive your success today will create huge long-term value in your financial firm.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • Blueprinting Your Business Planning System

    Creating success for your firm means establishing goals, powerful strategies to achieve those goals, proven tactics to implement the strategies, and actions to execute each tactic.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • How Do You Measure Up?

    Truly meaningful change results from thinking big. Don’t settle for being“just okay.” Benchmarking your practice against highly successful peers helps you see where you stand—and where you need to go.

    By John Bowen
  • Dangers, Opportunities and Strengths

    Being fully aware of the dangers you face, the opportunities in front of you and the strengths you possess, you will put yourself on the right path toward achieving elite financial advisor status.

    By John Bowen
  • Systems for Success

    To deliver superior service to your clients, make sure all of your internal systems are working in unison.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • Create a Compelling Vision

    Knowing where you want your business to go will inspire you to get there.

    By Jonathan Powell
  • Getting the Right Help

    Are your institutional partners doing everything they can to support your move to the wealth management model?

    By John Bowen
  • The Wealth Management Edge

    Making the switch to true wealth management works. In fact, it is the surest path to building a hugely successful advisory practice and creating a better life for your clients, your family and yourself.

    By John Bowen
  • Rocket Fuel

    Healthy firms seeking to grow quickly should consider the challenging but rewarding route of acquiring another practice.

    By John Bowen
  • Maximum Value

    Think long term and continually consider ways to increase the value of your firm.

    By John Bowen
  • Spring Cleaning

    Taking time to work on your business is as important as working in your business.

    By John Bowen


Run Your Practice Like a Business

Elite financial advisor business plan that you won't find in any textbook or business course.

The Knowing-Doing Gap

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Make Big Changes: Four Clear Steps

Execute big changes and take your practice to the next level.

Setting the Stage

Differentiate yourself from your peers to capture the business of affluent clients.

Design Your Practice for Success

Elite advisors are seeing steady increases in AUM—and making all the right moves.

Simple and Elegant

Avoid costly complexity in your business model and create tremendous equity.

Sweat Equity: Building a Business Vs. Owning a Job

Building a world-class wealth management business requires more than just sweat equity.

Put Me In, Coach

More financial advisors are joining coaching programs, but is coaching right for you?

Five Ways to Act Like an Entrepreneur

Providing financial guidance to your clients is not enough to take you forward and beyond.

Outsourcing Asset Management

Advisors who outsource asset management have nearly doubled over the last five years.

Correlated with Net Income?

Learn what really works with correlated income. Start today.

Value of Increasing Your Fees

Affluent investors expect more from their advisors and are willing to pay for it.

Check Your Instruments

Accelerate the growth of your business by evaluating your key drivers instruments.

The Power of Peers

Learn the ways you can make a difference by tapping the power of your peers.

The Off Ramp

Understand 3 keys to a succession plan that assures a successful transition.

Five Key Drivers of Success

Understand 5 key drivers to serve the right kinds of clients extremely well.