Improve Your Quality of Life

Structure your business to provide the life you want to live

Elite financial advisors are not in business just to have more business, but to build their economic value while serving their clients extremely well and enjoying a high quality of life. The secret to this is to build a simple, elegant wealth management business. These best practices reveal how.


  • Because I’m Happy…

    Here’s a three-phase process for increasing your happiness in ways that will lead to amazing results in your business and your life.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Tap into Your Personal Story

    When clients and prospects really know who you are and what truly motivates you, they are more likely to work with you.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Five Ways to Be Happier and More Successful

    Research shows, it’s good business to be happy. Here are five strategies for incorporating long-term positive patterns of thinking into your life, the lives of your team members and even the lives of your clients.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • It Pays—Literally —to Be Happy

    Cutting-edge research tells us that being happy is actually a huge driver of success. What’s more, you can exert tremendous control over how happy you are—and therefore over how successful you become.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Take Time to De-Stress

    Here are four key strategies for finding your ideal work-life balance during those periods when the job can feel like a real grind.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Let Go of Non-Ideal Clients

    When the fit isn’t right the smart solution may be to let go—both for you and the client. But there is a right way to release a client who no longer suits your business.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Success on Purpose

    Using a formal system to run your practice will grow your income and give you a higher quality of life.

    By John Bowen


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