Deliver a World-Class Experience

A consistent, top-flight client experience is essential for every elite practice

A systematic, top-quality, replicable client management process will enable you to gain the trust of your clients, gather insights into what is most important to them and create a wealth management strategy that is unique to their specific needs. At the same time, this will make your work life easier and provide you with a steady stream of introductions to qualified affluent prospective clients.


  • Resolving Conflicts on Your Team

    It’s inevitable—conflicts will occur among your team members.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Six Essential Steps to Having Fiercely Loyal Clients

    Six ways to build, maintain and enhance client loyalty over time so you can take your business to the next level and join the ranks of elite financial advisors.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • You Never Call, You Never Write: Client Communication Trends, in Two Charts

    There’s nothing more important than effective communication when it comes to building great client relationships and fostering loyalty. Take a page from elite advisors’ playbooks—pick up the phone!

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Six Action Steps to Boost Client Satisfaction

    The key to having hugely satisfied clients is to focus on strengthening your relationships with them. These six action steps will help ensure that your clients will stick with you.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • INFOGRAPHIC: You Don’t Know Your Clients, In Two Charts

    Do you know—really know—what your clients want and need from you? Don’t be so sure you have a firm grasp on their key concerns.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • The Family Office Opportunity

    Here’s a look at three family office options and five keys to operating one profitably and successfully.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Bring the WOW

    To deliver A WOW service experience today, you must take four steps: tell your story, rediscover your clients, solve advanced challenges and offer to help the people your clients care about most.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Staying Engaged with Your Business

    Don’t let good times make you complacent. The fact is, the levels of success and satisfaction you’ll enjoy in the future depend on the decisions you make today.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Are You Really a Wealth Manager?

    Consultative wealth management is the key to differentiating yourself from other financial advisors and winning the assets of affluent investors.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Putting the Client First

    A major emphasis in our coaching programs is helping advisors achieve great success by adopting business models emphasizing the importance of client-centric relationships.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • A Smooth CAB

    Organize and run your client advisory board meetings to help engage top clients, leverage new growth opportunities and build client loyalty.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Recruiting Clients for Your Advisory Board

    Here’s how to enlist your clients in your efforts to help you succeed forming a client advisory board (CAB).

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Feeling Secure

    Advisors can help current affluent investors with concerns about keeping themselves and their families safe and secure from a wide range of threats and risks.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Regular Progress Meetings - Time to Check In

    Periodic meetings with clients are de rigueur for nearly all financial advisors and can help to generate more referrals and assets in the process.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Expert Tips for Deep Listening

    Helpful hints of deep listening and practical strategies are helpful in almost any conversation with clients and prospects.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Deep Listening

    By excelling at deep listening, you will fully understand your clients’ key financial dreams and be able to make them a reality.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • What’s Your Policy?

    It is important to keep your clients committed to their investment plans. An Investment Policy is what you need to help clients stay on track.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Advanced Planning for the High-Net-Worth Client

    Move beyond simply offering investment services and start addressing the advanced concerns of today’s high-net-worth investors. Add value to your clients’ financial lives and win their loyalty and assets.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • The 45-Day Follow-Up

    Start your new clients out on the right foot and they’ll reward you for your efforts.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • The Mutual Commitment Meeting

    When the prospect becomes the client, make the most of the moment. Implement the following steps to establish a strong foundation and ensure long-term success.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Converting Prospects into Discovery Meetings

    A structured approach for the interaction with a prospect may be a key to growing assets under management—and turning prospects into clients.

    By Ernest Clark

  • Are You Wowing Your Clients?

    In today’s competitive environment you’ve got to delight your clients consistently if you want to earn their loyalty. That goes double if you work with affluent investors.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Consultation, Not Just Advice

    With a series of five meetings, financial advisors can turn prospects into clients and set the stage for even more business.

    By John Bowen

  • Wow Right Now

    Give your clients a memorable experience and they’ll stick with you regardless of what happens in the market.

    By John Bowen

  • Getting Formal

    If you want to be a successful financial advisor, you must take a consultative approach.

    By John Bowen


Client Engagement Model

How can you win over more of the right affluent clients?

Winning Trust of the Affluent

Find out the key to winning the trust and assets of the affluent.

Demonstrating You’ve Listened

An opportunity to demonstrate to the client that you have listened well.

Mutual Commitment Meeting

At this meeting, you and your client will formally begin your relationship.

45-Day Follow-up Meeting

Here you will impress your client and begin to secure your client’s long-term loyalty.

Tips From the Best Advisors

Achieve success enjoyed by industry leaders by implementing five super tips.

Classy Client Events

Generate the lasting loyalty that transforms current clients into marketing apostles.

Serve Clients Extremely Well

John Bowen shares recent CEG research that reveals huge successes by top advisors.

Genius of Mind Mapping

Worldwide’s technique for building Total Client Profiles.

Finish Your First Ebook

Enhance your status in the field and attract the right affluent clients.

Client-Centric vs Investment-Centric

Taking a client-centric approach to serving your clients can build lifelong client loyalty.

Right Amount of Client Contact

The more assets you have to manage, the more attention your affluent clients require.

Great Client Communication

Four powerful communication strategies will keep your client relationships on solid ground.

Building Your Pro Network

Understand the importance of collaborating with other professionals.

Listen Deep

Effective client relationships often begin with understanding the value of listening well.

A Different Advisor Experience

Affluent clients expect from their advisors a special experience.

Total Client Profile

The first connection an advisor-client relationship must realize is emotional.

Wealth Management Formula

True consultative wealth managers earn three-times more than other financial advisors.