Connect with Affluent Clients

Reap the rewards of deep, lasting client relationships

Everything elite financial advisors do is ultimately designed to initiate and foster deep, long-term relationships with affluent individuals. Discover the key best practices that will enable you and your team to connect deeply with your current and prospective affluent clients, serve them well and turn them into marketing apostles for your practice—no matter what the financial markets are doing.


  • Do Business Owners Really Make Great Clients?

    It pays to be highly selective when pursuing business owners as clients, as specializing in this niche market is not the guaranteed route to greater success that many financial advisors assume it is.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Speak the Language of Trust

    Here are four ways you can start building rapport and trust with prospects from the first moment you interact with them.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Tapping the Affluent Opportunity

    Research by CEG Worldwide and WealthEngine reveals some surprising facts about today’s high-net-worth investors.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Five Fears That Keep Your Clients Up at Night

    Here’s a look at five key issues that your service model should be designed to address.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • INFOGRAPHIC: Less Is More, in Two Charts

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to build a giant roster of clients to make it big as a financial advisor.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Seven Ways to Fascinate Clients and Prospects

    Cut through the noise and capture the attention of clients and prospects immediately. Here’s how to do it.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Four Great Ways to Break Through to Prospects and Clients

    We all want to do a great job communicating with investors. Former advisor Carl Richards reveals four simple steps for getting your message out.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Six Steps to a Winning Credibility Marketing Plan

    The key to success is credibility marketing—a strategy designed to build your reputation as an expert among your target market and leverage that reputation to generate a steady stream of new business.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Six More Smart Ways to Market Your Credibility and Get Results

    Credibility marketing is the key to capturing affluent investors. Create and leverage powerful, compelling content to demonstrate your authority and expertise.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Building Deep Connections with Prospects

    Working hard will take you far—but working smart will elevate you to the elite level to build highly successful businesses.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Get Connected!

    Often misconstrued as a “soft” topic, connectedness is actually a powerful approach to managing your life that can bring about huge benefits.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Tap Into Your Personal Story

    When clients and prospects really know who you are and what truly motivates you, they are more likely to work with you.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Eight Keys to Protecting Your Clients’ Wealth

    Here are eight vital areas of wealth protection that you should be addressing with your top clients.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Three Ways to Become a Client Magnet

    Here’s what you can do to get the attention of the types of prospective clients you most want to serve.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • The Family Office Opportunity

    Serve ultra-affluent investors with the ideal business model. Here’s a look at three family office options and five keys to their success.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Big Money Idea: A World-Class Dinner Party

    Private client events are one of the best ways to build credibility with clients and prospects—and for gathering new assets. Just ask financial advisor Barry Garapedian.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Get a Niche and Get Rich

    Working with a niche makes it easier to attract and serve ideal clients—and to run a more enjoyable and cost effective business.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • The Power of COI Interviews

    COI interviews can generate huge benefits—from new and deeper insights into your niche market to actual leads on ideal prospective clients.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Seven Sure-Fire Strategies for Success

    Today’s elite financial advisors rely on seven key strategies. By emulating them, you’ll take your business to a higher level of success.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Attract the Affluent

    Want to expand your presence within the affluent market? Gain an understanding of the key characteristics shared by affluent investors and the biggest financial challenges.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Seven Steps to Maximum Impact

    Group presentations struck a chord with many advisors. Here are seven more tips for creating, delivering and following up on great presentations.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Your Elevator Speech - Make the Most of Brief Moments

    Making big impressions and leaving affluent prospects wanting more. Here’s how to craft a winning elevator speech.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • The Inheritor Opportunity

    The majority of investors who inherit significant assets sometimes switch advisors. How to become one of those financial advisors who inheritors will be seeking out.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Unlock the Power of Your Voice

    The tone of your voice plays a huge role in whether prospects and clients believe you and take your advice. By manipulating the volume, melody and pace of your voice, you can command a room full of investors.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Leveraging Private Client Events

    Private client events can help you build credibility and position yourself as an expert—if you plan with purpose and execute with precision.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Pick Your Niche

    The vast majority of top financial advisors focus on a niche market. To emulate their success, you need to find the right niche for yourself and your practice.

    By Jonathan Powell


Connect Emotionally

Advisors are well-versed in professional but don’t always engage emotionally.

Who Are the Affluent?

The top 10 types of affluent households that elite financial advisors target.

Understanding the Affluent

Elite advisors focus their business on the affluent.

The 9 High Net Worth Personalities

Learn what makes investor personalities tick and the types of clients you want to avoid.

Reach Million-Dollar Clients

Want to deliver world-class client service while serving fewer clients?

Affluent Private Clients

Increase net income, elevate quality of service and enhance the value of your practice.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Research shows that top financial advisors serve as experts for a niche market.

They’re Lucky to Have You

Take advantage of an easy strategy to market yourself for your present clients.

Borrow from the Best

Research shows that the highest earning advisors serve fewer clients.


  • Affluent Investors’ Multiple Personalities

    There are nine types of affluent investors. Which ones should you work with?

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Elite Financial Advisors’ Million-Dollar Secrets

    Is there a proven process for forging great working relationships with private client lawyers? A client-centric approach equals success.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Get More Ideal Clients

    By replicating your top clients, you will see a big increase in your revenue and build a practice of highly profitable and highly enjoyable clients.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Slipping Through the High-Net-Worth Filters?

    Among affluent families, the hard sell seldom works. But there is a right way to gain their trust, and, ultimately, their business.

    By Vic Preisser and Roy Williams

  • Better Than a Box of Chocolates

    Relationships are critical, but advisors are often stymied by the details of opening new relationships with affluent, sales-resistant prospective clients.

    By Vic Preisser and Roy Williams

  • Power Up Your Presence

    Unlock your full potential and become the “go-to” advisor in your market. Implement these six critical strategies and power up your presence.

    By John Bowen

  • The Power of the Professional Network

    A team of experts can take your business to the next level.

    By John Bowen

  • Why Clients Buy

    Knowing where prospective clients are in their decision-making cycle—and why they ultimately buy—will improve your closing success and build long-term relationships.

    By Guy Baker

  • Do You “Get” the Affluent?

    To win and keep wealthy clients, you must know and address their key concerns today.

    By John Bowen

  • What’s Your Story?

    Leverage the power of your personal story to gain the attention—and business—of current clients and top prospects. Here’s how to ensure success.

    By John Bowen

  • Serving the Mega-Rich

    Working with the world’s wealthiest investors is hardly business-as-usual. Here are 5 things you need to know about this select group of investors.

    By Jonathan Powell