Build High-Performance Teams

Because nothing great was ever accomplished alone

Nearly every elite financial advisor is part of a team. To maximize your full potential, your team has to maximize its full potential. These best practices will help you become an inspiring, effective leader as you build a great, high-performance team that serves your clients extremely well.


  • Get Focused

    Your success depends upon your ability to stay focused. Here’s a proven process to regain the focus you need to succeed.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Six Steps to Building a Top-Notch Learning Program

    Here are six steps to creating a learning program within your firm that generates effective, practical results “on the ground.”

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Turn Your Firm Into a Learning Organization

    Formalized learning for you and your firm is essential for successfully serving affluent clients and building a world-class business.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Maximize Your Human Capital

    Building a world-class business, you need the help of qualified, motivated people. Here’s how to best hire, compensate and evaluate.

    By Jonathan Powell

  • Why You Need a High-Performance Team

    Economically productive high-performance teams are satisfying. Find out how and why such teams are critical to achieving the huge success you desire.

    By John Bowen

  • Maximize Your Human Capital

    The team you surround yourself with can make all the difference. Discover the keys to building a great team.

    By John Bowen

  • The Key Characteristics of High-Performance Teams

    Driven by high standards, a strong desire for excellence and deep levels of mutual trust, HPTs stand apart from their peers.

    By John Bowen

  • Team Building

    When building your expert team, consider what your clients need and how everyone can work together harmoniously.

    By John Bowen

  • Team Player

    You can’t know everything about everything—but you can still serve your clients’ many needs by building an expert team of pros.

    By John Bowen


Leading a High-Performance Team

5 key characteristics of advisor team leaders that serve their clients very well.

Build Your Expert Team

Expert teams drive client loyalty. Find out the key players you need for your team.

Driven by Vision

A vision that clearly articulates what you want to accomplish will inspire your team and energize your practice.

Go Team!

Get your team behind you by implementing four key strategies to ensure continued success.

Using Other Professionals Wisely

We can’t be all things to all people.

A Collaborative Powerhouse

Create powerful professional connections, add valuable resources for existing clients and take advantage of new prospects.

The Four E’s of Leadership

Energize your teams, execute your solutions and give your affluent clients the edge they deserve.

Get With the Learning Program

Most of us are so busy running our businesses, we don’t take time to develop ourselves and our teams.