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Scott Hall’s advice to rookie advisors revolves around the three E’s: Continue your education, learn and grow from your experience and abide by a strong ethical code of conduct. His own success demonstrates the value of that counsel.


Richard LaCross

Wealth Manager – Waltham, MA

As a boy, Richard LaCross saw first-hand the impact of financial challenges on his own family. That experience inspired him to help others make smart financial decisions about their wealth.

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Scott Hall

Wealth Manager – Vancouver, BC

Raised in what he calls the “advice-dispensing business,” Scott Hall admired how his pharmacist father helped his customers and the respect and trust he received in return. Wealth management has given him the chance to pursue a similarly rewarding career.

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James MacMillan

Wealth Manager – Mill Creek, Washington

As a wealth manager, James MacMillan’s greatest mission is to replace the confusion and complexities of financial management with clear language and guidance that will help his clients reach their most important goals.

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Paul French

Wealth Manager – Radford, Virginia

As a boy, Paul French was inspired by his father’s example of astute and successful financial management. He knew from the beginning that if he could help other families achieve that same type of success that that would be something well worth doing.

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Peter Sarner

Wealth Manager – National Securities – New York, NY

Peter Sarner’s client-first wealth management philosophy leads to lasting and successful relationships with those he serves. He takes satisfaction in getting to know each client’s personal story and providing wealth management solutions tailored to meet their needs.

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Derek Mohamed

Wealth Advisor – Boston, Massachsetts

From personal experience Derek Mohamed learned the tremendous value of sound financial planning for families confronting the uncertain challenges in life. Acting as their personal CFO, he and his team provide the planning tools and direction his clients need to enjoy their lives without worry.

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Brad Welch

Wealth Manager – Welch Financial, Inc. – Tampa, Florida

Inspired by his father—a successful business owner in need of a strong wealth advisor—Brad Welch has developed his practice with an emphasis on personal attention and service, and achieving the trust essential to lasting partnerships.

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Patrick Murphy

Wealth Manager – Zen Wealth – London, UK

Patrick Murphy’s simple philosophy: Put your clients’ interests first and do whatever is required to help them achieve what they want in life and the rest will fall into place. His approach of always putting his clients first has earned their confidence, respect and lasting friendship—all while building his success.

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Fred Dawson

Wealth Advisor – Wilmington, Delaware

Fred Dawson is passionate about seeing people succeed, and wealth management provides him a means to make such success a reality. He benefits his clients in four ways: preserving and growing assets, mitigating taxes, providing for heirs and making meaningful charitable gifts.

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Laura Webb

Wealth Advisor – Asheville, North Carolina

Laura Webb understands the critical importance of self-sufficiency. Her passion for wealth management is fueled by the desire to help women gain financial independence and control over their own lives.

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Telton Hall

Wealth Advisor – Flagstaff, Arizona

Telton Hall brings a holistic approach to wealth management in serving two primary markets—successful retirees and female family stewards. His commitment is to protect the assets that his clients have realized through hard work and diligence.

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Susan Feitelberg

Wealth Advisor – New York, New York

Susan Feitelberg and her professional team draw on an array of resources to provide a truly collaborative wealth management experience. Her clients benefit from the consultative business model she employs to provide a high degree of personal attention.

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Raj Pathak

Wealth Advisor – Boston, Massachusetts

Describing wealth management as a people business first, Raj Pathak takes great satisfaction in the lasting friendships he's developed with clients and their families. The goal of his practice is simple—to make work optional for his clients.

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Bernard Fasciano

Wealth Advisor – Ridgewood, New Jersey

Bernard Fasciano offers his clients and their families complete wealth management service through sound investment philosophy and diligent attention to detail. His deep commitment to families and the critical role financial stability can play in their lives is grounded in powerful personal experience.

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Jay Penney

Wealth Advisor – Scottsdale, Arizona

Jay Penney’s wealth management practice serves a small number of elite investors—clients who have become good friends as well as business partners. His advice to fellow advisors: Stay current in your knowledge of the industry and regard your clients—not their assets—as your most important concern.

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Rich Brown

Wealth Advisor – New York, New York

Rich Brown’s commitment to family is reflected in his work with first-generation business owners and family stewards. He executes wealth management strategies to help safeguard his clients’ financial resources, meet unforeseen challenges and secure their future.

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Randall Huntimer

Wealth Advisor – Scottsdale, Arizona

Randall Huntimer’s passion for wealth management is triggered by a sincere interest in helping others lead full and rewarding lives. His aim is to ensure his clients have the financial resources to overcome unexpected turns of fortune and secure peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones.

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Scott Hohman

Strategic Investment Advisors – Findlay, Ohio

Scott Hohman tried to quit the industry once. Nearly two decades later, with a thriving wealth management practice in place, he has the independence he once craved. His clients—people transitioning from work to retirement—directly benefit from his purpose and drive.

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Alex Madlener

Founder, Open Circle Advisors, LLC – North Haven, CT

As a successful and conscientious financial advisor, Alex Madlener delivers maximum value to his clients by developing and implementing powerful resources essential to a comprehensive wealth strategy.

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Dave Malleck

Financial Advisor with Raymond James – Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Dave Malleck’s business is built on the core values he learned as a Nebraska farm boy: Be kind, be responsible and be inspired. These principles are key to the deep, lasting and rewarding connections he has forged with his clients.

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Ron Howard

Managing Principal, Siena Wealth Management, Inc. – San Jose, CA

Ron Howard’s commitment to living outside his comfort zone reflects the passion he brings to wealth management. Through a comprehensive consultative process, he is able to help his clients address their unique and complex financial needs.

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Kenny Landgraf

President, Kenjol Capital Management, LLC – Austin, Texas

Kenny Landgraf’s role as a wealth manager satisfies what he describes as one of life’s true joys—serving others well. He most values the ripple effect that solid wealth management practices can have on the financial and personal lives of his clients.

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Fred Hanish

Hanish Investment Partners, LLC – Marble Falls, Texas

Fred Hanish maintains his edge as a successful wealth manager by focusing first on quality of service and price. In doing so he makes a huge difference with a niche group of family—oriented business leaders by helping them make wise decisions with their resources.

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Jim Cantrell

President at Financial Strategies Inc. – Brookfield, Wisconsin

Serving as the personal CFO for a niche market of busy executives, Jim Cantrell takes responsibility for the complex financial realities that often crowd their lives. He gives them the gift of time to truly enjoy what matters most to them.

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Fred Pierce

Senior Vice President, Wealth Management – Florham Park, NJ

Fred Pierce and his team specialize in advanced planning, including wealth accumulation, transfer and protection. His emphasis on relationship management ensures that his clients work with the right experts who can address their particular needs.

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Tim Stasinoulias

Managing Partner of Aegis Wealth Advisors – Wales, Wisconsin

Tim Stasinoulias inherited the values of hard work, education and community service from his parents. All are central to his success in wealth management. He specializes in working with clients through retirement to ensure they are adequately prepared for the next phase of their life.

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Walter Burns

Family Steward Wealth Consulting – North Palm Beach, Florida

Walter Burns’ wealth management practice targets a niche market of family stewards and their heirs. He executes a dynamic lifetime plan for each client to maximize wealth while minimizing worry.

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Homer Smith

Financial Advisor – Bremerton, Washington

Homer Smith has always excelled in leadership roles. As a wealth manager he utilizes that skill as his clients’ personal CFO—a collaborative frontrunner who ensures all his clients’ needs are taken care of.

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Paul Marrella

Wealth Manager at Marrella Financial Group, LLC – Wyomissing, PA

Paul Marrella is a problem solver with family-inspired values of hard work, discipline and perseverance. As a wealth manager in his family’s practice, he is rewarded most by the lasting loyalty, trust and gratitude of clients who become valued friends—like extended family.

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Sam Marrella

Wealth Manager at Marrella Financial Group, LLC – Wyomissing, PA

Sam Marrella’s team-first approach to life is reflected in his leadership role as a successful wealth manager. He values most the trust his clients place in him to make the right financial decisions and emphasizes the importance of listening closely to their needs.

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Vic Hess

President of ButtonWood Advisors, LLC – Oro Valley, Arizona

Vic Hess brings to his practice the energy, independence and creative ingenuity his own father displayed throughout his life. As a proactive, independent advocate for his clients, he is fiercely protective of their interests and committed to helping them address all of their financial challenges.

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Kathleen Lenover

Kathleen Lenover, Inc. – Denver, Colorado

Kathleen Lenover’s commitment to educating and empowering her clients is matched only by her passion for serving their best financial interests with absolute integrity.

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Jeremy Burger

Financial Advisor at Merriman, LLC – Seattle, Washington

Jeremy Burger’s passion for wealth management was triggered in part by the abrupt imposition of college loans and a personal desire for financial independence. His goal today is to continue to successfully provide his clients the same peace of mind and financial freedom that sound planning will achieve.

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Barry Oliver

Thomas Wirig Doll – Walnut Creek, California

Barry Oliver’s core belief of doing well by doing right has panned out. What he values most are the personal relationships he has developed with his clients over the years, the confidence and trust they have placed in him and their sincere expressions of gratitude for his work.

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Marty Kooman

Wealth Manager at Kooman & Associates – Altoona, Pennsylvania

Marty Kooman’s powerful personal story shows how timely planning can achieve financial security. His advice to fellow advisors? Tell the truth and never stop learning—your clients and your practice will reap the benefits.

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Dan Catone

Financial Advisor at Redwood Investments – Fort Bragg, California

Patience, prudence and discipline are values Dan Catone shares with the families he works with. The care, personal and guidance he provides reflect his commitment to their prosperity and happiness–the true rewards of his success.

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Peter Walsh

Wealth Manager – Buffalo, New York

The leadership and problem-solving skills Peter Walsh learned as the oldest of six children are central to his role as a top wealth management professional. He attributes his success to client-centric strategies and solid commitment.

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Shashin Shah

SGS Wealth Management – Dallas, Texas

Shashin Shah knows that sound financial advice could have greatly improved his own father’s quality of life. That knowledge fuels the passion he brings to his clients and his success as a leading wealth manager.

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Bruce Ledoux

Financial Advisor – Wellesley, Massachusetts

Bruce Ledoux—race car driver, wealth manager and the son of two educators—sees his role as a financial advisor as one who teaches his clients how to manage their wealth and achieve amazing results at every turn.

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Bruce Raabe

President of Collins & Company – Larkspur, California

Bruce Raabe’s career move to the financial services industry gave him the people contact he wanted along with a profession where his expertise makes a huge difference in the lives of those he serves.

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Rich Schuette

Wealth Manager at Avalan – Santa Barbara, California

Rich Schuette knows his role is to listen to his clients’ demands, but to respond with counsel and advice that is always in their best interest, to help them make decisions that are smarter in the bigger picture.

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Alan Cranfield

Stonegate Private Counsel – Toronto, Ontario

Alan Cranfield is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that started with him financing his own education but is still evident in his lucrative wealth management practice. His chief clients are like himself—hard working, self-reliant and entrepreneurial.

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Assaf Pinchas

Allegiance Financial Group, LLC – Vienna, Virginia

Using the earnings from house painting, Assaf Pinchas put himself through college—graduating in four years without debt. His hard work, personal discipline and skill in managing money are still evident in his highly successful wealth management career.

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Chuck Bigbie

Woodland Wealth Management – Tulsa, OKlahoma

Chuck Bigbie’s grandfather, himself a successful financial planner, provided the incentive for Chuck’s own move to the wealth management industry—the desire to serve others in realizing their life goals and a successful financial future.

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Frank Pickett

Raymond James Financial Services – Irvine, California

Frank Pickett took the lessons of his parents to heart, as their lives have been testaments to sound financial planning. His own practice succeeds by putting his clients’ interests first, mitigating their risks and protecting their financial futures.

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Bill Schweitzer

CEO of WJS Financial Services – Waukesha, Wisconsin

From his early days in his Uncle’s salvage yard, Bill Schweitzer has known the value of hard work, and the pitfalls to family and fortune of poor planning. His highly successful life as a wealth manager is grounded in those early lessons.

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Ed Dower

President of American Eagle Wealth Advisors – Gold River, California

Ed Dower knows the critical role elite advisors play when clients and their families experience deep life transitions. He values making the difference when his clients have tremendous need for the “confidence and clarity” he can inspire.

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Austin Collins

Financial Advisor – Associate Vice President – Seattle, Washington

Collins’ passion for wealth management is similar to his love of chess. Both require complex, strategy-driven solutions that depend on sound planning. He takes great satisfaction in watching his clients ”grow into their dreams.“

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Gordon Bernhardt

Bernhardt Wealth Management – McLean, Virginia

From a small farm in Nebraska to his wealth management practice in McLean, Virginia Gordon Bernhardt has been motivated by the same personal and professional values: hard work, discipline and altruism.

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Michael Evans

The Cogent Advisor – Chicago, Illinois

Michael Evans knows that effective wealth management is synonymous with quality of life and equates his clients’ success to their intentional commitment not just to survive, but to thrive.

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Vince Annable

Wealth Strategies Advisory Group – Scottsdale, Arizona

Vince Annable attributes his success to the comfort level he creates for clients who entrust him with their financial futures, and who have the confidence that as a trusted advisor he will make the best decisions.

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Jim Kruzan

Kaydan Wealth Management – Fenton, Michigan

While Jim was still in college, a family friend thought to be a model of affluent success lost everything. The trauma caused by this event encouraged Jim to dedicate his professional life to securing for clients financial independence.

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Rick Raybin

Lifetime Capital Group – Redwood City, California

Rick Raybin’s passion for wealth management is rooted in his own personal story, a well-established and successful business background, and a desire to provide his clients with sound and timely financial advice.

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Doug Bolles

Southside Wealth Management – Tyler, Texas

Doug Bolles has witnessed first-hand how bad financial decisions can haunt people for years and deprive them of their dreams. As a financial advisor, he helps his clients make the best decisions based on the best information.

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Jeff Broadhurst

Broadhurst Financial Advisors, Inc. – West Point, Pennsylvania

Jeff’s journey has taken him from engineering school to business school to Wall Street. Now he has found his calling in helping his clients achieve peace of mind by addressing their financial concerns in a systematic, comprehensive manner.

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John O’Brien

Ortner, O’Brien & Ortner Advisory Group, Inc. – Frazer, Pennsylvania

As a child, John O’Brien learned about the stock market at his grandfather’s knee. He has parlayed those early lessons into sound financial advice that keeps his clients on track for achieving what they care about most.

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Mike Pazera

Pazera Capital Management, Inc. – Rockport, Texas

The son of a wealth manager, Mike Pazera grew up in the financial services industry. From an early age, he wanted to do nothing but help people make their lives better. That childhood dream has very much come true.

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Paul Carroll

Efficient Wealth Management – The Woodlands, Texas

Paul Carroll arrived in the U.S. at age 17 with $200 and a toothbrush. From that humble beginning, he has built a comprehensive wealth management business that serves select professionals in the airline and energy industries.

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Christopher Van Slyke

Trovena, LLC – Austin, Texas

When Christopher Van Slyke was a 19-year-old college student, he experienced something that has guided his entire life’s work. As a result, he has devoted his whole career to helping people achieve their financial goals.

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Rick Costner

G5 Financial Group – Lakewood, Colorado

When Rick was just ten years old, he learned a lesson about quitting and perseverance. He has drawn on that lesson many times in facing challenges in his life and practice, it drives him today in serving his clients extremely well.

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Larry Finch

G5 Financial Group – Lakewood, Colorado

Larry Finch understands what real commitment to another person truly means. Now his clients benefit from his commitment to deeply understanding their concerns and helping them achieve financial well-being.

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Robert Pyle

Diversified Asset Management, Inc. – Boulder, Colorado

Robert Pyle’s clients come to him with diverse needs and financial concerns. Through his broad set of wealth management services, he is able to address those needs and enable his clients to focus on their own work.

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Eric Thurber

Three Bridge Wealth Advisors – Menlo Park, California

Growing up on a farm in Nebraska taught Eric Thurber that doing what is right for others will yield immeasurable rewards. He applies those lessons every day in his wealth management practice.

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Scott Mahoney

Morristown, New Jersey

Mahoney, who shares the reasons for important aspects of his successful career as a leading financial advisor as well as an endearing recollection of his childhood, and why he is passionate about his profession.

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Raymond Grubbs

Raymond J Grubbs & Assoc Inc – Oswego, Oregon

Raymond Grubbs puts that love of education to use in helping his clients achieve their dreams and aspirations.

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Jon Wax

Waller & Wax Advisors – Tampa, Florida

Jon Wax has a single driving focus that makes him jump out of bed each morning: helping his clients to better their lives and realize their most important goals.

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Mary Brooks

Raymond James – Walnut Creek, California

As a woman who came up through the ranks, Mary Brooks understands the obstacles faced by her primary clients: women senior executives and professionals.

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Christine Armstrong

Boston, Massachusetts

Christine Armstrong applies her considerable energy and positive attitude to serving her clients as their chief family financial officer.

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Wayne Townsend

Lawton Partners – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Very early in his career, Wayne Townsend learned just how big a difference he could make in the lives of his clients. That knowledge inspires his work to this day.

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James Warren

Warren Financial Group, Inc. – Kansas City, Missouri

As a young man, James Warren was tested in many ways. Those experiences forged his character and inspired in him a passion to serve others through trusted, long-term relationships.

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Taylor Ranker

Ranker-Henshaw Wealth Management – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

John Bowen interviews Taylor Ranker to uncover the secrets to his success and the source of his intense drive to serve his clients extremely well.

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