Paul Marrella

Wealth Manager at Marrella Financial Group, LLC – Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

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Scott Hall

Wealth Manager – Vancouver, BC

Raised in what he calls the “advice-dispensing business,” Scott Hall admired how his pharmacist father helped his customers and the respect he received in return. Wealth management has given him the chance to pursue a similarly rewarding career.

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Rich Brown

Wealth Advisor – New York, New York

Rich Brown’s commitment to family is reflected in his work with first-generation business owners and family stewards. He executes wealth management strategies to help safeguard his clients’ financial resources and secure their future.

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Peter Walsh

Wealth Manager – Buffalo, New York

The leadership and problem-solving skills Peter Walsh learned as the oldest of six children are central to his role as a top wealth management professional. He attributes his success to client-centric strategies and solid commitment.

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Greg LeClair

Seattle, Washington

Greg LeClair sees a world full of opportunities and believes it is his calling to position his clients to benefit from and take full advantage of those opportunities.

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