Leadership Training

Workshops built specifically to help today’s field leaders


Powerful Leadership Workshops to Support the Success of Advisors

Today’s best leaders are passionate visionaries with excellent communication skills and the ability to inspire others. However, at the end of the day, great leadership is about getting the job done and achieving consistent results over time. This is especially true—and difficult—in the volatile financial services industry.

Our Leadership for Results workshops are built specifically to help today’s field leaders consistently deliver excellent results. Based on our 12 powerful leadership tactics, these workshops boost the skill levels of participants in the core areas of effective communication and motivation and deliver other valuable skills, including building a repeatable, scalable process for coaching existing advisors and attracting new high-quality advisors.

The specific content of each workshop is based on the needs of each client. Workshops can be as short as one-half day—allowing them to be incorporated into existing meeting schedules—and as long as day-and-a-half sessions. All attendees receive a customized workbook. Virtual follow-up sessions can be added to increase execution at the individual level.


Leadership Development for Branch Managers and Other Field Leaders

Leading a Wealth Management Culture is designed specifically for branch managers and other field leaders who wish to develop their “coaching muscle.” We combine our advanced coaching program, Breaking Through, with elements of Leadership for Results, so this program helps branch managers build critical skills that will make them indispensable to their advisors.

In this powerful program, branch managers actively participate in Breaking Through alongside their advisors. They directly experience the entire program as if they were advisors, learning program strategies along the way.

At the same time, branch managers receive focused leadership training:

  • Leadership workshop. This workshop is focused on learning and implementing the 12 key tactics of effective leadership. Depending on the specific needs of branch managers, it may be a half-day, full-day or one-and-one-half-day program.
  • Leadership clinics. In conjunction with each live session of Breaking Through, branch managers attend customized clinics that help managers more effectively coach advisors in implementing the program’s strategies.
  • Intra-session coaching. During our series of interactive webinars, we detail the specific leadership strategies branch managers can leverage to further accelerate their advisors’ success.


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