Breaking Through

Building a Simple and Elegant Wealth Management Business

Achieving Key Goals—for Advisors and Institutions

We have found that the leading financial advisors—and those aspiring to the elite level—have three important goals in common. Breaking Through directly helps financial advisors achieve their goals in each of these areas:

  • Increase client impact. Breaking Through helps advisors foster long-term client relationships, create a steady stream of introductions to additional potential clients and differentiate themselves effectively from competitors through their world-class client service.

  • Enhance economic value. By implementing Breaking Through strategies, advisors are able to grow their assets under management, their personal net incomes and the value of their practices.

  • Improve quality of life. By building simple, elegant wealth management businesses, advisors experience less stress, enjoy gratifying relationships with their clients and create a healthier work-life balance. And their increased incomes enable them to provide the lifestyles they want for themselves and their families.

We have also found that leading financial institutions tend to have three important goals with respect to the financial advisors they support:

  • Help advisors grow assets organically. By providing advisors with proven tools to attract new affluent clients and acquire additional assets from existing clients, firms see an increase in their revenue.

  • Retain best advisors. When firms support the success of their financial advisors, they are more likely to keep them over the long run.

  • Attract new top financial advisors. When firms build a reputation for providing financial advisors with business-building expertise, recruiting additional financial advisors—particularly those who are at the elite level or aspire to the elite level—becomes easier.

The institutions that facilitate their advisors’ participation in Breaking Through gain significant ground in achieving all three of these key goals.

How It Works

Breaking Through is a results-oriented, 12-month coaching program designed to help leading financial advisors build simple, elegant wealth management businesses that make them indispensable to the right affluent clients. CEG Worldwide partners with select financial institutions to provide Breaking Through to their top advisors.

Firms enjoy important benefits when they offer Breaking Through to their advisors:

  • Paul Brunswick, the subject matter expert present at all corporate programs, connects the program’s strategies to specific resources (services, products and people) of each firm.

  • All client-facing materials can be vetted in advance of the program, ensuring a better advisor experience.

  • There are often pricing advantages associated with corporate programs.

Breaking Through fosters high levels of advisor success in four ways:

  • Purpose. Advisors develop a deep understanding of why they are in business and what they want to achieve. They develop a clear vision of the practice they want to build and the clients they want to serve. When combined with Breaking Through’s strategies, this clarity of purpose drives substantial results.

  • Confidence. Advisors quickly gain confidence as they realize that Breaking Through is helping them take highly effective steps toward building the practice they have always wanted. This empowers them to move boldly forward to set and achieve true breakthrough goals as they move upmarket.

  • Focus. Advisors take deliberate actions to achieve success on purpose. They learn to focus on the right affluent clients, the right services for those clients and the right activities to achieve their goals. They eliminate distractions and focus on what works.

  • Approach. By systematically implementing the program’s proven strategies, advisors build simple and elegant wealth management businesses. They execute their replicable client experience at a consistently high level, resulting in highly satisfied clients who are happy to provide additional assets to manage and introductions to qualified prospective clients.

A Multifaceted Approach to Accelerating Success

Breaking Through uses a proprietary, multilevel teaching and coaching methodology to accelerate the success of financial advisors. It is designed specifically to bridge the knowing-doing gap—the divide between knowing what to do and actually implementing that knowledge. In Breaking Through, advisors don’t just learn what to do—they actually do it.

Breaking Through is composed of these major elements:

  • Live sessions. The three two-day sessions conducted over the course of the year bring advisors together with CEG Worldwide senior principals and our professional coaches for deep immersion in the program’s strategies. Through discussion, lecture and exercises, participants master the best practices of the most successful advisors in practice today.

  • Professional coaching. Our expert business coaches work closely with advisors to help them define their goals and build their road maps for accomplishing those goals. Coaches help their advisor clients focus on the optimal actions and overcome obstacles, along with holding them accountable for reaching key milestones. Coaches meet with their advisor clients monthly during one-hour phone calls and also attend all live sessions and webinars.

  • Breaking Through Online. This robust web site provides nearly 100 in-depth videos, step-by-step instructional content and dozens of downloadable tools, including scripts and templates for implementing each strategy. Breaking Through Online supports the success of participants at every step throughout the program.

  • Interactive webinars. These hour-long, quarterly webinars help reinforce strategies presented during the live sessions while delving deeper into key actions. The focus of these webinars is on implementation to achieve early results.

  • Weekly emails. Each email provides a concise compendium of tips that keeps advisors focused on the actions they should be taking in real time.

  • Peer coaching. Advisors provide and receive coaching from their peers throughout the year. Peer coaches help track the goals of their peer clients, discuss barriers to achievement, identify opportunities for growth and help brainstorm actions to achieve optimal outcomes.

  • Access to CEG Worldwide principals. Each is a former top financial advisor or institution executive who understands the nuances and complexities of running successful practices. Collectively, they have coached or mentored thousands of top financial advisors. They attend every live session and webinar and are committed to helping each advisor reach his or her greatest potential.


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